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Session1: Scientific Socialism

(01) Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (02) Marxist Principles

(03) Philosophy and Social Sciences (04) Scientific Outlook on Development

Session 2. TheoreticaL Economy

(01) Basic Theory of Economics (02) Contemporary Value Theory

(03) Macroeconomic Analysis of China (04) Contemporary Political Economics

Session 3. Applied Economy

(01) Supply-side Reform (02) New Economic Development

(03) Sharing Economy (04) Real Estate Economy

(05) Bond Market

Session 4. Management

(01) Strategic Management (02) Enterprise Management

(03) Market Analysis (04) Trade Management

(05) Management Innovation (06) New Economic Business Model

(07) Innovation System Guarantee (08) Deepening Reform

I. 科学社会主义

(01)中国特色社会主义            (02)马克思主义原理

(03)哲学社会科学                   (04)科学发展观

II. 理论经济

(01)经济学基本理论             (02)当代价值理论

(03)中国宏观经济分析          (04)当代政治经济学

III. 应用经济

(01)供给侧改革                 (02)新经济发展

(03)分享经济                    (04)房地产经济


IV. 管理学

(01)战略管理                    (02)企业管理

(03)市场分析                    (04)贸易管理

(05)管理创新                    (06)新经济商业模式

(07)创新体系保障             (08)深化改革

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